What is Digital Marketing

Comprehensive Digital Marketing involves any marketing, promotion or advertising that is delivered through digital channels such as your website, E-blasts, mobile phones,  social media, blog posts, YouTube, Google Ads, search engines, and more.



Traditional marketing vs. digital marketing

Traditional marketing includes brochures, Yellow Pages, newspaper and magazine ads, TV commercials, and billboards. While these strategies are still used by some medical professionals, most are turning to digital marketing. Marketing using electronic media is the 21st century way to promote your practice. Gathering information and feedback and analyzing the gathered data is amazingly empowering when it comes to marketing success. Using digital marketing allows us to see results of campaigns in real time. We share a “snapshot” of analytics information with you monthly.  Speed is a tremendous advantage. Electronic marketing also provides information about potential patients that can help develop effective or seasonal strategies and roll them out quickly.

Why digital marketing is important

Consumers are on the go constantly.  They are never out-of-touch because of cell phones. Everything anyone wants is at the tip of his/her fingertips: news, shopping, social media, entertainment, games, and more. Patients can now provide feedback, schedule appointments, ask questions, pay bills, and more–all without making a phone call or leaving the house. Positive feedback and patient recommendations from folks they know and trust on the internet drive patients to call for an appointment or consultation.

Strategies We Use to Improve Your Digital Marketing

  • Keyword Research – finding keywords and keyword phrases that match your services and procedures
  • Good website structure – navigation designed to help people easily find what they are looking for with a cell phone, i-pad, or laptop
  • Excellent content-relevant to your practice
  • Call-to-action buttons-makes contact easy
  • “Contact Us” forms strategically located on the home page and all internal pages
  • Content includes geo-targeting to reach new clients
  • Responsive design for use on any device
  • Internal linking
  • External linking from reputable websites
  • Contact information consistency on patient-referral sites
  • Fresh content daily, weekly, monthly featuring new products, services, news, social media engagement and more
  • High-quality visuals for your website, newsletters, and other communications
  • Consistent branding across all mediums – promote the same subject matter on e-blasts, constant contact, social media, blogs, and videos–all with linking to your website pages
  • Reviews displayed prominently on your site.  Special engagement encourages patients to write reviews
  • Reputation management-professional replies to reviews, good and bad
  • Monthly market analytics drive website updates
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