Email marketing: an important link to your patients

Websites, SEO, print materials, and social media are all important elements of a successful marketing program.  In addition to these tested strategies, we offer an email marketing service.  In order for your practice to meet the needs of your existing and future customers, an email newsletter is important.

The beauty of the newsletter

The newsletter is a versatile and flexible messaging system.  It allows you to send relevant and timely information to your subscribers.  Producing a monthly or bimonthly email publication provides the personal touch every practice strives to achieve.  It’s perfect to let your patients know you are thinking about them and that you want them to have all the latest information about your services and specials.  E-blasts about new products, procedures, and treatments are particularly effective.  Events draw your patients together, and there’s no better way to rally the troops than a beautifully-designed invitation personally addressed and sent to their inbox.  Your goal is to keep your loyal patients happy by sending engaging and timely office-related news.

The best kind of referral

Definitive Medical Marketing produces newsletters for many clients.  We design custom templates using your logo and colors. Our e-blasts are compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and laptop. As with all of your communications, it’s important for your email news to be available on all types of devices. Patients who believe in you and appreciate the patient experience at your office can forward your newsletter and invite their friends to see what it’s like to be treated with the tender, loving care and respect of the knowledgeable professionals in your office.  A forwarded newsletter can bring traffic to your website, which can, in turn, bring new patients to your practice. It’s the best kind of referral.

No worries

We take the worry out of publishing by working with your office staff to systematically collect information for the newsletter and make sure there’s a call to action and links in every e-blast we send.  Part of our responsibility is to suggest content which will help you promote your practice and its products and services.  Each month we request info on the 15 and remind staff as needed to make sure this very important communication goes out to your patients.