Print Media Advertising: traditional is not tacky

It’s important for every practice to have a digital presence; however, it does not mean we should abandon traditional marketing materials like posters, leaflets, brochures, signs and more. There’s still quite a bit of statistical evidence that marketing campaigns utilizing print media are successful.

Print marketing materials help promote products and services you offer and they appeal to patients for a variety of reasons:

  • Branding-use of print, color, typography, and logo to increase your recognizably
  • Credibility-sometimes folks have trouble trusting information on the internet
  • Creative-they can grab attention and make you stand out
  • Alternative-for folks who are not technologically inclined
  • Lasting-can be passed along to others or saved as a reminder
  • Targeting-allows you to easily reach your target market via appropriate publications. At Definitive Medical Marketing, we can create effective, attention-getting print materials for your practice.
    We have vast experience with all types of print media.

Print Design Services

Definitive Medical has graphic designers to create custom print pieces for you:
• Logo design
• Brochures
• Rack Cards
• Magazine ads
• Business cards
• Letterheads
• Envelopes
• Fliers
• Invitations
• Postcards
• Name tags
• Medical forms

Large format items:
• Pop-up banners
• Posters
• Tablecloths
• Table-top sign

You can depend on Definitive Medical Marketing’s to provide effective and creative print marketing materials targeted to your patient base.  Opportunities abound to promote your products and services.  We love helping our clients expand their reach with digital or traditional strategies.  We have clients all over the Southeast and metro Atlanta.  Call us to chat about all the ways we can help you market your practice.