Today’s statistics report that 85% or more of people searching for healthcare advice search on the internet first.

Even if they have been referred by a friend, family member or another physician, they will go to the practice website to find out more about the practice and find out more about the doctor’s credentials and his practice. Having a professionally designed website is the smartest investment a medical practice can make. A website is usually the first interaction potential patients will have with your practice.

A top-quality website makes more than a good impression; it makes a great investment.

Your website is a reflection of your practice. Does your website stand out and give the lasting impression you want for your medical practice?  The first impression could determine whether a potential patient becomes YOUR patient or the competitions patient.

Definitive Medical provides outstanding website design services for medical doctors throughout the U.S. Websites Designed by Definitive Medical blend striking color schemes, logical navigation options and advanced interactive features to promote each medical practice and attract new patients. Definitive Medical’s websites are more than seen,they are remembered.

On-call, round the clock, 24/7 your website stands ready, able to provide the first point of contact for potential patients. Essential components of your bedside manner, excellent communication, and a sense of trust are first conveyed using the online interface. Great website design helps new patients walk into your office confident in having chosen the right care providers.

Maximize your ROI & Grow Your Practice

  • Have quality content that’s better than your competitor’s.
  • Take full advantage of your ROI by developing your old content. Re-post your content on media and forum once a while. With our social media package, we cross promote content between social media, blog writing, newsletters, video and the website. See our digital marketing packages+
  • Use inbound and outbound marketing to promote your content. Since both can be utilized at the same period to promote content, then you may try it. With a right combination you can be expect a significant ROI.
  • Strategizing and optimizing what comes next after creating relevant quality content and promotion is also required in maximizing ROI for your website.

Best Websites Contain These Elements:

  • Good visual design
  • Patient-friendly navigation
  • Contact form immediately accessible, ready to be filled out
  • Phone number clearly placed in upper bar: large, bold, and clickable on mobile view
  • Meaningful and relevant content
  • Web page for each and every important keyword for your practice
  • Plenty of content – minimum 350 words or more
  • Images on every page with alt tags
  • Patient testimonials
  • Internal and external links
  • Call to action statements and buttons
  • Social sharing options
  • Consistently updated content through blogging
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Medical Website Development

“It’s time your medical practice’s website did its job.”

Definitive Medical Websites are more than designed they are developed. Any medical practice can have a website on the internet. Smart medical practices have websites that work for them. Definitive Medical’s web development department optimizes each website with customized content, traffic producing programming, and other effective website development modifications to ensure your practice’s website will be quickly and easily found online. A developed Definitive Medical Website can be a medical practice’s most effective marketing tool and is oftentimes viewed as a physician’s most valuable employee. Definitive Websites are developed to deliver consistent messages to every visitor every time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Increase your website’s impact on its visitors with interesting interactive animations, integrated medical practice videos, informative blogs, and other interactive Definitive Development Features. Each page will open quickly as it captures the attention of the searcher while helping them to find exactly what they are searching for.When it comes to website development Definitive Medical delivers outstanding results physicians can rely on.