Video Marketing for Medical Practices

Videos can tell your story like no other medium. The power of sight, sound, motion and emotion bring you and your practice to life.  Video has the ability to capture the attention of the viewer immediately and make a lasting impression. The messaging can be concise and easy to understand, reaching people of all demographics.

Video is a powerful marketing tool—it has the ability to effectively share your story the way you want it told and impact audiences worldwide from the comfort of their homes to the screens of their computers, i-pads, and smartphones 24/7.

Using our striking videos on your website and posting them to the popular YouTube website makes a remarkable impression on your future patients.  Videos produce amazing results when it comes to SEO.  We make the video-taping process simple by providing clear instructions to help you prepare.  On the day of the shoot, professionals take footage and direct your efforts.  Then we edit the material and present you with a final product that will grow your practice and make you proud.

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Videos Can Engage Thousands of Viewers

The above collection of videos represent some of our most watched video. They collectively have been viewed over 63,000K times! They have been seen by searching on YouTube, on websites, social media, mobile phones and blogs. Videos can be placed everywhere and can make you and your practice a video sensation!

The Many Ways You Can Use Video Marketing

  • Create Your Own YouTube Channel – YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine the preferred search method of younger audiences.
  • Target your desired audience demographically and Geo-target through YouTube Pay Per Click for a fraction of what Google Ad Words costs.
  • Reception and Exam Room Informational Videos
  • Patient Testimonials – Potential patients considering a procedure can relate to a person sharing his/her experience.
  • Television commercials – Cable television ads can reach thousands of potential patients at a reasonable cost.
  • Social Media – Facebook videos
  • E-blast Newsletters that link to your website feature many of your key procedures and services
  • Vlogs instead of blogs. Create a library of videos on your website that discuss, in detail, all the procedures you offer.
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