A logo represents your practice through the use of typeface, color, and image. People tend to remember symbols more readily than names, so a beautiful and timeless logo is important because it boosts recognition. Every document or email you send out should carry this important symbol. We will design your logo in a style that will fit your practice and the image you want to project. It will go beyond advertising and branding straight to the patient’s emotions.

Here are samples of recent logo designs:

When we work with a practice to design and build a new website, we first discuss the logo which is an all-important factor in branding the practice. New practices often need our help to design a logo that represents the doctor’s vision and the mission of the practice. Established doctors often opt to update their logos and refresh them with a new color palette. When asked to design or update, we seek our client’s input and use market research to create an appealing and effective logo.  Because it is placed on everything related to your practice, we know it is critical.  Our expert graphic artist will work with you to design a meaningful logo to serve as the symbol of your practice for years to come. At Definitive Medical Marketing, your opinion counts.  We will continue to work on your logo until you are satisfied.

Here’s what we promise when it comes to logo design:

  • Simple and clear with good contrast
  • Memorable and appropriate for your practice
  • Meaningful colors and typeface
  • Contemporary design
  • Flexibility so the design can be used in any size or format

It is a labor of love for us to create the perfect logo for our clients. Our doctors are appreciative of our efforts and proud of their logos.