Branding and design go hand-in-hand

Branding a medical practice is as important as selecting the team mascot in a professional sport. As you can imagine, that mascot is one of the most valuable assets of the team. It’s recognizable and familiar. It elicits emotion and unites its devoted fan base. Medical practices should be carefully branded to differentiate themselves from others and encourage patient loyalty. While it’s important to have a great website, it’s also paramount to make sure branding is used consistently. Here are some items to consider:

• Social Media
• Website & Content Marketing
• Digital advertising
• Office environment
• Print Materials including signs, stationery, rack cards, advertisements and more*
• Customer Service

Let the professionals help

Busy doctors don’t have time to worry about branding, but it’s so important for success in this digital age. Definitive Medical Marketing can help you develop and implement a branding strategy. Good branding requires research, experience, and teamwork. We will help you clarify your goals and formulate a mission statement and a plan to help your practice grow:

• Determine your practice’s specific target audience with market research.
• Identify the needs of your target audience and determine how your services and products address those needs.
• Create a logo which establishes a unified visual identity for your practice.

It all comes together

Definitive’s Marketing efforts ensure that communications with your patients and potential patients are professional and friendly. We promote the services you offer using top-notch content marketing practices and proven digital strategies. Your website, social media, blogs, and other materials will reflect the unique qualities of your practice and your personality. Once solid goals are established, your digital marketing footprint is established, and your new website is launched, you will see that new patients “find” you with organic searches and established patients will provide positive reviews and feedback to help your practice flourish.

*Print Design Services

Definitive Medical has graphic designers to create custom print pieces for you:
• Logo design
• Brochures
• Rack Cards
• Magazine ads
• Business cards
• Letterheads
• Envelopes
• Fliers
• Invitations
• Postcards
• Name tags
• Medical forms

Large format items:
• Pop-up banners
• Posters
• Tablecloths
• Table-top signs

We’re the experts. Let Definitive Medical Marketing help you with branding. We’ll use our comprehensive marketing strategies to spotlight your practice online, in print, and through video. Definitive has clients throughout the metro Atlanta area and nationwide. Call today to talk about what we can do to upgrade your online presence and increase your visibility.